Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Target + Credit = Screwed!


Yes I'm back and I am more frustrated then I have ever been. I will be doing a series of posts coming up, but I wanted to talk about one that has hit home.

With the current Wall street screw up and investors freaking out over something they "knew" was going to happen, they (wall street and creditors) have decided to cut there losses and make sure they pass the buck on the card holders before they go. Don't believe me...ok...

My wife has a Target REDcard which is a Visa so who are we kidding. Any who she decided to check her card before she went out of town to make sure the payment was received and check her limit. What she found sent here into a two hour phone conversation with Target REDcard support...but more on that in a bit. So my wife noticed that the available credit had dropped 800 dollars...yes 800 dollars. They dropped the available credit 10 dollars above what we owe on the card. I'll give you a minute to compose yourself...ok....not yet...ok.

WHAT THE HELL! Listen I have been fighting with the credit card companies for the past 10 years from bogus charges to identity theft so usually nothing surprises me. Heck I even understand in this economy that one really has to have some sort of debt to get credit. I know that sounds crazy, but when banks or loan officers run your credit they are looking at your credit to debt ratio. Here's what kills me, we pay our cards on time and waaaayyy over the payment options and yet they do this. No word, no warning, no phone call, no email...NOTHING! This was down right criminal in my personal and dare I say professional opinion. Sadly it is legal, it shouldn't be but it is. It is a way for the credit industry to save their asses.

But wait there's more, so my lovely petit wife calls the card company to attempt to fix what she thought was an innocent mistake. What she was met with was rudeness and false apologies and shuffled from one person to another for over an hour. Here's what she wanted, she wanted to speak with the office or person in charge that can change her credit limit back to what it was. That's all. She was then told EVENTULLY that the offices she called does not deal with the credit limit. So she asked to be transferred to the person who she needed to speak with. She was then told, quote: "That office does not receive phone calls from card holder, nor can I transfer you to those offices because they do not speak with the people directly." I am not kidding.

So a recap: we have done nothing wrong, we pay our bills on time, our credit is now being changed without word or warning, and the people who change the credit limit do not speak to the card holders nor is there a way to talk with them directly. What the hell happened to speaking with people to resolve issues? I know their is a credit crunch but this company just went and cut prices on everyone. I suggest you all look at your credit cards and their available credit because if it has not changed it will...and very soon.

Well since we are fighters we are going to fight this. Sadly we probably won't get that far. We are not using the card anymore, nor are we shopping at Target from here on out. It isn't so much the credit, but the blatant abuse my wife had to take over the phone. She was treated like a degenerate even though our history with them is clear. I seriously do not think the answer to this credit crisis is to alienate the card holders, and or force them on to another card carrier. Simple because when we come out of this mess (and we will you Armageddon fanatics) Target REDcard will find itself truly in the RED.

I invite any Target representative to contact me, but I doubt they will since there is so little time in the day and soooo many more people to screw over.

(Since we all don't have money anyway I suggest you also boycott Target...that's just me)

-The Voice-

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


First The GOOD, and this is sadly not a frustration at all, but if you are seriously into up and coming musicians that can actually SING then you need to check out . This girl will blow you away, I got to see her in concert at a unknown wine shop, and man not only is she gorgeous but amazingly talented. Her site is new so she is always looking for support by linking her site out or just saying hello. I just saw that she now has some music on her page to listen too. It's these little things that keep me from punching babies due to pure frustration.

Speaking of punching babies let's talk about THE BAD. Simple frustration is the, "Why are there no real fixes to our Nations problems?" I mean in a election year one would think that we are going to have someone people stand up and start giving some answers to the F-up'd issues we have nationwide. I know that some candidates are giving lip service to our issues, but no real facts have been given to the American people as too how we are going to fix the War, Poverty, Job Loss, Recession, Home Lone's, Environment, etc. I am looking toward Obama right now since he maybe offering vague answers to these problems, but he is the only one that is addressing the fact that the damn is broken and before we can build a new damn we need to stop the leaking from the old one before everything is washed away. Plainly put he is the only one that is standing up and saying we need to fix what we have before we can move forward.

On that same note, THE UGLY, "How dumb can people really be?" I know we all want to participate within the current dialogue dealing with the candidates for president. I know we all have some of our own views on the the election, but why are we listening to email forwards from people we don't even know, and even worse from people who believe what they read in a EMAIL FORWARD. I have received emails telling me that Obama is Muslim, that Hillary is a racist, that McCain is funded by evil special interest groups the list goes on. I receive emails from anonymous people that I delete immediately...WHY? BECAUSE ITS A FORWARD FROM SOMEONE I DON'T KNOW. I really never read forwards, since they flood my email, and since most people are to lazy to write me themselves.

Another reason is well, most forwards or anonymous emails are false and are fishing for information about you. Do you really believe in a forward that Hilliary is racist or Obama is Muslim when in the same "inbox" you receive notices that you won a million dollars, that if you send a particular email to 10 or 20 of your friends Bill Gates will send you $100, or that your log in and password was lost at a bank you never heard of and you need to resubmit your information...really....I mean really really?

Don't be an idiot, don't forward crap to your co-workers, friends, or family saying, "Check this out OMG" when in fact if they read it and realize that you can be that much of a chode for sending /believing such nonsenses that they question wanting to know you really want that? I hope not, let me tell you my frustration comes from people like this, that read political information in a forwarded email and then go vote!

Thanks for believing the crap in your inbox, by the way if you want to send me your personal information I will make sure all your dreams come true. Just include your bank account, full name, and social security number and I will double the money you send me in only 1 hour, that's right 1 hour. How can you lose...schmuck!

The Voice